J9 Accommodation

Letting Agent Website with Custom Integrations

  • Editable by letting agent staff
  • Integrated into J9's custom property management software
  • Updated in real time

The Project

J9 Accommodation is the letting agent arm of one of the largest landlords in the country. They asked us to modernise their existing website so bring it inline with their cutting edge business model.

The Challenges

Some unique aspects of this project:

  • Show properties from J9’s custom built property management software
  • Everything should be editable by the letting staff
  • Mobile and tablet optimized

Cunard Ecard Website Home Page

The Solutions


The site was built using the popular Content Management System Wordpress. With it comes the friendly and familiar admin interface that the letting staff can use to customise all of their content.

The theme was built from scratch in-house which gave us complete control over how everything was presented.

Wordpress admin screenshot

J9 Live List Plugin

We developed a custom Wordpress plugin that integrated with J9’s custom built property management software directly. This gave the letting staff the ability to drop the plugin into any pages they wish and have full control over how the property information was shown to their visitors.

J9 Live List plugin screenshot

Mobile Optimization

The site receives a larger than average number of visitors using mobile phones due to the young demographic of J9’s average tenant. To serve this demographic the best we could, we built both the theme and the plugin to be mobile optimised to provde the best possible user experience.

Mobile Optimisation

The Result

The new site has increased enquiries by 24% which we put down to the focus being put on the property listings and the easy access to the contact page. This is of course a huge improvement which translates directly into profit!

We are working with J9 to increase the breadth of their custom built property management software, and look forward to a long partnership with them in the future.

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