ReCaptcha Not Showing in Firefox

After successfully integrating Recaptcha in my site and it working on Chrome, Safari, Opera & IE8 (shock!) I saw that Firefox was rendering… absolutely nothing. A quick Google search didn’t really yield any useful results so after a bit of time spent digging I found a solution posted in a Google group that I’m going to post here.

The solution works by slightly changing how Recaptcha renders it’s HTML – the HTML it was rendering before this fix was incorrect therefore it failing in Firefox.

One thing to note, however, is that in order for this to work you have to use XHTML 1:0 Transtitional Doctype which is by no means good for integration – I cannot use this because it would mean spending HOURS reformatting my site to work properly with this doctype.

Despite this, some people may find it useful so here it is:

Note: You must include all information in the head tags or it will not work!

Obviously swap the “xxxxxxxxxx”s for their relevant values and voila – test in Firefox and it should work.

Thanks to goaamb on Google Groups for this solution.

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